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How can Endodontics help me?

Endodontics, known as "canal treatment" or more popularly by devitalization, is essentially concerned with the inner part of the tooth.

One of the main goals of an Endodontic treatment is to avoid tooth extraction and prevent infections that can be very dangerous. 

How do I know I need Endodontic treatment?

. Spontaneous pain (strong, continuous and not localised)
. Pain when chewing
. Dental Sensitivity

If you experience these symptoms more regularly you should consult your dentist.



Why use Endodontic treatment?

Do not worry about the process, your problem will be solved, in normal cases, with one or two consultancies. After the analysis, we will present the best solution for you.

Consequences of non-treatment

Intense pain
Bacterial infection (bacteria in the bloodstream)
Infections (joints, rheumatic fever, among others)
Tooth Loss (Tooth Extraction)

Endodontics - Step by step

Endodontic treatment consists of several steps.

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