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What can Oral Surgery do for me?

The Oral Surgery allows to correct problems that arise in the oral cavity or changes it from the esthetic point of view. 

It is a procedure that significantly improves the patient's functional capacity. 

Included tooth extraction

The impacted teeth are all those that do not grow and that can result in future complications.

Treatment of Infections

One of the most frequent cases are dental abscesses which, if not treated in time, can lead to very serious consequences.

Dental Extraction

The process is simple and does not involve pain! The classic extraction of a tooth. However, all cases are analysed so that there is no risk whatsoever.

Pathology Removal

Oral cysts and tumors constitute a large group of lesions that must be identified and treated rapidly since they can end up in more serious complications.


Hereby, a sample of cells and/or tissues are removed from a living organism, in this case, the facial structure. This allows a more accurate and reliable diagnosis.


Whether caused by accidents, pathologies or other problems, this type of surgical intervention aims to establish the correct relation between the jaws.

Oral Surgery - Step by Step

After identifying in which way the procedures of the Oral Surgery can help, stick with the step by step of the process.

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