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Swiss Dental Services is a network of expert clinics in Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation (ATOR®) through the Placement of Dental Implants.

We are a reference brand in the Dental Implantology market since 2008, aiming to change lives and transform smiles on the new ROTA® concept: Total Advanced Oral Rehabilitation. We have modern clinics in various parts of Portugal and Europe, such as France and England. We want to bring the best treatments to all patients and receive them with all comfort and safety. 

We follow values that make our services of high level, fast, safe, effective and reliable.


We have a highly qualified team and we solved more than 30,000 cases in the last 8 years. We are a reference in Implantology.


Advanced Techniques and Specialised Solutions for each case. We look for the best solution for those who call on us.


The confidence of our patients is of the utmost importance to us and makes us grow. We have modern clinics that guarantee all comfort and safety.


The commitment, preciseness and focus on continuous improvement are the keys to distinguish ourselves in the area of Dental Rehabilitation.

Customer Focus

We take care of our patients in a personalised way, analysing each case in an exact and professional way. We intend to be the new home of your Smile.


Our ethical responsibility makes us grow the social environment in which we act. We work to reach even more people.

Rather than rehabilitating smiles, we add human value to our dental treatments.

Swiss Dental Services evolution has been clear every year and not just in Portugal. At the moment, we also have two clinics, in London and Paris, offering a chance of treatment for patients from all over Europe. 


Ensuring the well-being of our patients and having them in good oral health is of utmost importance to us. Our mission is to make Complete Advanced Oral Rehabilitation accessible to all through the best treatments in the field of Implantology. Meeting the needs of our patients is our focus: Recovering Smiles, Changing Lives, Renewing and Rehabilitating Your Oral Health. Our goal is to return health and quality of life to our patients.


Our clinics are equipped with the most advanced and innovative technology on the market. We integrate highly qualified professionals in the field of Implantology, dedicated to make a difference in the lives of the hundreds of patients who call on us. We want to be as close as possible to our customers and position ourselves strategically to increase our services, both in Portugal and in Europe.

Swiss Dental Services Historic

Swiss Dental Services Foundation 


Our Team

We implement and monitor various processes for continuous improvement in our clinical and administrative service. For this we rely on excellent collaborators who help us to implement quality standards on a daily basis.

Medical doctors | In the Clinics

Our team of multidisciplinary and multicultural professionals operates in the different clinics allowing our patients to benefit from a range of high quality and diverse treatments and techniques.
To carry out our mission, we have doctors specialised in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation, focused on a personalised treatment and accompany each patient throughout the process so that the patient feels at home.
Each case is analysed in a rigorous and professional manner in order to meet the needs of each one.

Other areas

We have internally created teams in the areas of Architecture, Marketing, Development and Analysis of Results that contribute to us being a benchmark. In a demanding market, we have a competitive team that creates strategies and develops daily solutions to respond in the best way to the challenges in the area and make a difference in the lives of our patients.

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