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What is ATOR®: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation?

ATOR®: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation is a new concept for oral health rehabilitation.

For all those looking for a Before and After for your Oral Health!

Swiss Dental Services is a leading brand on the Dental Implantology market, aiming to change lives and transform smiles. With the concept ATOR®: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation, through the placement of Dental Implants we are able to offer the quality of life that many thought was impossible. This concept turns out to be the possibility to choose for a solution to have a new smile. Where there is a "Before" and "After".

Our medical team is waiting for you!

We focus on personalised service, analysing each case in a rigorous and professional manner. We want you to feel at home during the process of Oral Rehabilitation. We value the Team/patient relationship, we want each patient to feel comfortable and secure.

"More than rehabilitating Smiles, we want to be part of the recovery journey of those who call on us."

At Swiss Dental Services we make the practice of Humanistic Medicine a reason to improve our services. Meet our professionals, click on "Meet Team"!

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Aligning of teeth

Aligning of teeth

Digestive problems

Digestive problems





Oral Health Problems Can Cause:

. Inclination/aligning of teeth
. Digestive problems (gastritis, esophagitis, etc.)
. Headaches, muscle, joint atrophy
. Low self-esteem (physical appearance) 
. Depression (non-existent socialisation) 
. Anxiety

I want to change! What do I have to do?

Indeed, when patients go for the rehabilitation of their Oral Health, the first consultations are always important to analyse and realise the magnitude of the problem. Overall, we also care about what the patient deems necessary to define which treatment to follow.

Dental Evaluation before treatment

What is your diagnosis?
Is there a need for periodontal treatment?
There's a need for Endodontic Treatment?
What are teeth that need crowns or restorations?
Is there a need for the placement of integrated bone implants and in what regions will they be placed?
Which teeth will be kept, treated and which ones are lost for good?
What are the oral functions that are affected?
What is the ideal dental treatment plan for the patient's case?

If you want to know what types of dental treatments we offer, click on "Learn More" .

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Still doubts about ATOR®: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation?

Get to know the story of somebody who recovered their Oral Health through ATOR®: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.

This is one of the examples of the many cases we have already helped ! Click on "Testimonials" and learn more stories about ATOR®: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.


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