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*Travel and accommodation refer only to the first phase of treatment. All other services can be enjoyed at later stages of treatment. Travel and accommodation rates may vary according to time of year and required medical treatment.

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3 Dental Implants


5 Implants Dentaires


Fixed Sup/Inf Prosthesis




3 Dental Implants


5 Implants Dentaires


Fixed Sup/Inf Prosthesis





  • Swiss Dental Trips

    What is Swiss Dental Trips?

    With Swiss Dental Trips, we intend to make the Advanced Oral Rehabilitation accessible to all those we serve, focusing on expanding our network to cross-border patients. We also offer the extra so that during your Oral Rehabilitation you may benefit from a set of touristic services during your vacations.

    Why choose Swiss Dental Services?

    Swiss Dental Services is a leading brand in Dental Implantology in Portugal. Expert in Total Advanced Oral Rehabilitation through the placement of Dental Implants, it has already solved more than 29.000 cases. 

    How does the Swiss Dental Trips work?

    Send us your medical examinations. You can send us an Orthopantomography (x-ray) if you already have it, or go to a local dental clinic. If you prefer, you may go to one of our clinical partners to carry out the necessary examinations. After analysing your case, we shall contact you and proceed to the remaining process.

    Where are the clinics in Portugal that offer the Swiss Dental Trips service?

    Currently the clinics are in Porto and Lisbon.

    Is Swiss Dental Services certified?

    Yes, we comply with all regulations stipulated by the ERS Health Regulatory Agency; hence we are licensed by this entity. ERS Registration No. 22814.

    Does Swiss Dental Services have an accident and emergency service?

    Swiss Dental Services is closed on Sundays. However, if you contact us by sms or phone we promise to find a solution for patients within 8 hours of being contacted.

    What can I do with my free time?

    Portugal has a fantastic history and the sun shines 300 days a year. We are delighted to help you plan your trip to discover our enchanting country.

  • Treatments and Procedures

    Can I choose the clinic for my treatment?

    Absolutely! You need to be comfortable with your decision and what location to choose for your treatment between the clinics in Porto or Lisbon.

    How much will I save on the dental treatments chosen?

    Depending on the solution you choose, the price of our services is calculated according to your choices, and always tailored in order to help your decision.

    How much time will I need to carry out my treatment?

    The duration will depend on the treatment chosen and the needs of each patient. Before and after, you will always have our support, as well as occasional returns scheduled with you.

    I'm interested. How can I begin my treatment?

    Send us your clinical case, send us the necessary examinations. Any questions about our services, our team will handle all the details of your treatment. Contact us!

    Is dental implant surgery painful?

    No. Surgery is performed under the effect of local anaesthesia to avoid any discomfort. After surgery, the patient is medicated for a safe and comfortable post-operative period.

    Do the implants last a lifetime?

    It is impossible to say how long an implant will last. Its duration depends mainly on the care provided after its placement, which should be applied for the rest of the patient’s life. Careful oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are key to the success and longevity of implants.

    Have I got enough jaw bone?

    It is important that you have enough bone to support an implant. If you do not have enough bone we have several safe and effective ways to correct bone deficiency. Our implantologist will evaluate you and advise if additional bone mass is needed. An artificial bone replacement or sinus lift may be required for implant placement.

  • General Inquiries

    What is the language spoken by the dentists?

    Our team speaks a variety of languages, such as, English, German, and French, among others.

    Regarding the trip, what are the necessary preparations?

    From the moment you choose the solution that best suits you, we take care of all the details regarding the trip. If you choose the customized solution, we shall contact you to offer you the best experience based on your choices and preferences.

    Can I add people to my pack?

    Of course you can! All our treatment services can be extended to your companions.

    How can I contact you?

    On the “Contacts” page you can find all the information necessary to contact us. We have a support hotline available to help you with any question you may have.

    How do I know my treatments will be completed on time?

    Your trip will be planned for as long as it takes to complete your treatment. Hence, when you arrive at our clinic we will already have a schedule with all the procedures planned taking into account the length of your stay so that everything is completed within the stipulated time.

    What do I do if something happens after leaving Portugal?

    In the event a problem arises, Swiss Dental Services agrees to cover the cost of round-trip air travel to Portugal (up to €250) and 1 night accommodation at a partner hotel.

    Any more questions or concerns?

    Send us an email to

Are you curious to know more about Swiss Dental Trips?

Contact us and learn how you can enjoy a vacation while taking care of your Oral Health.