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This is the most chosen dental tourism treatment in Portugal!


In addition to strengthening Oral Health and improving the appearance of your smile, cost-wise, Dental Implants are what drive most dental patients to travel to other countries.


Dental Implants: the trend that became a firm solution.


The placement of Dental Implants is a common procedure in any developed country in the field of ​​dentistry. When we start our search for the best market prices and depending on our location, we might surprised by what is on offer. As an example, if you visit a dentist in Portugal, you won’t have to think twice about visiting our country.


In Portugal we offer good quality services to international patients who save a large fraction of the cost that would be paid in their local health system.


In fact, there are even dental tourists who return several times to the same dentist in Portugal, whether for annual examinations or for any type of dental repair. This is because allied to the quality of the treatments is the holiday facet, and every year they travel to the same destination and treat their dental problems. They unite the annual routine exams with a trip abroad.


Indeed, the placement of Dental Implants stands out within these annual visits to dentists in Portugal, since they are an excellent treatment to obtain as a dental tourist – the main reason being that the procedure does not take up much holiday time; and since it does not have a high cost, you will have even more time at leisure.


Dental Tourism is the right choice for those who want the best of both worlds, oral rehabilitation and a holiday.


Visit our website, www.swissdentaltrips.com, choose one of our solutions and the location you want, compare prices and see how easy it is to complete your Total Advanced Oral Rehabilitation with Dental Implants on your next holiday.


Talk to our team if you have any questions - we are available to assist you.


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By Swiss Dental Trips