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Dental Tourism and its costs


Most Health Tourists who seek dental solutions and treatments outside their countries have a single mission: to save money.

As an example, in North America and most countries in Europe, dental treatments are expensive, especially when advanced total oral rehabilitation is required. In more developed countries, only the most basic dental care is covered by some type of health insurance plan. With regard to Oral Health, saving is a real factor, since not all countries offer this field of health in their public health plans.

The good news is that the dental tourist does not need to sacrifice the quality of treatment to save money. Highly competent dentists will treat patients in several destinations renowned for their excellence in dental care: Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico, India, USA, etc.

Where to go for your dental treatment?

Europeans, for example, find numerous advantages when travelling to Hungary, which offers high-quality and low-cost dental clinics. For example, the small town of Mosonmagyaróvár near the Austrian border is home to more than 160 dental practices!

Portugal has followed the Hungarian example. Factors such as the cost of living, infrastructure prices, transportation costs, fees and services and fairer dental treatments for the patient, make Portugal the best destination to save on the different dental treatments. Indeed, dental tourists travel primarily to take advantage of lower prices. But most importantly, it is the rehabilitation of Oral Health for each patient. A smile is worth more than a thousand words and why not get that smile in a sunny, wonderful country!

Mainly Dental Implants are the real driver of Dental Tourism in Portugal. Swiss Dental Trips for example, is the exponent of this type of treatment. From the placement of a Single Dental Implant to the ROTA® treatment option, the goal is to rebuild Smiles with quality and make Portugal the country of choice for Dental Tourism.

Start your treatment now and remember, your Smile, your Journey!


What are you waiting for? Have your advanced total oral rehabilitation while holidaying in Portugal.


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By Swiss Dental Trips