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Dental Tourism in Portugal - Swiss Dental Trips


The high cost of dental treatment in some European and indeed around the world has seen Dental Tourism in Portugal flourish.

Many patients choose dental clinics in Portugal due to their affordable prices, the pleasant climate and the hospitality of our country. Patients generally seek to save money for other eventualities and if they can unite the practical with the enjoyable the better. Medical necessities, tourist activities and total advanced oral rehabilitation are the combination of 3 factors that make the difference for dental tourists. Nowadays, the awareness that it is fundamental to take care of our oral health is increasingly present. For many the solution is this type of dental treatments in countries and clinics whose prices are lower.

Swiss Dental Services: Experts in Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation

The experience of Swiss Dental Services, with more than 30 000 cases resolved, has allowed us to consolidate our knowledge in the area of ​​dentistry, more specifically in the area of ​​Implantology. Through the placement of Dental Implants, we have responded efficiently to the needs of our patients, and taking advantage of this wave of Dental Tourism, we have launched Swiss Dental Trips.

Why choose Portugal and Swiss Dental Trips?

The Portuguese Dental Market is known for its excellent technique and medical infrastructures. It is an easily accessible destination. Nowadays, nearly all airports have a connection to Portugal, with direct flights to our country from most major international airports.

In fact, when choosing Swiss Dental Services and Swiss Dental Trips you are choosing:

. Portugal to treat your Oral Health
In addition to experiencing the best dental treatments you can enjoy the best that Portugal offers - Gastronomy, Art and Culture, Heritage, Nature, etc.

. Affordable Dental Treatments
Do you want Dental Implants at competitive prices compared to elsewhere in Europe? Look for the best financial solutions for your Oral Health.

. Peace of Mind and Quality Swiss Dental Services
Experts in Total Oral Rehabilitation Advanced through the placement of Dental Implants. We have a network of qualified dental clinics and qualified physicians.

. Personalised service
Throughout the process you will be closely monitored and all amenities are ensured in order to give your Oral Health the best rehabilitation.

How do I get a quote?

With Swiss Dental Trips, for a diagnosis and quote, just fill out the forms available on the website, www.swissdentaltrips.com, to better understand your treatment needs. You do not need to go to the clinic in person to get a quote. Send an x-ray that will be shown to Dental Practitioners specialising in Dental Implants. After the assessment, you will be contacted and the budget will be presented and to clarify the treatment to be made.

Where are Swiss Dental Services dental clinics that collaborate with Swiss Dental Trips?

Swiss Dental Services clinics that offer Swiss Dental Trips are located in Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve (Coming Soon). On the site (Link) you can find the directions and how to find the clinics. With easy access and countless solutions, Swiss Dental Services is the top choice for many to carry out their dental treatments.

What are you waiting for? Have your advanced total oral rehabilitation while holidaying in Portugal.

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By Swiss Dental Trips