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All you need to know about dental tourism


How about having Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation and Dental Implants while on holiday? You can! It’s called Dental Tourism! Restore your Oral Health while enjoying the wonders of the country you have chosen to holiday in.

Dental Tourism is a subcategory linked to Medical Tourism. It translates into the search for dental solutions and treatments outside the local health system (in the country of residence), to which the holiday factor is added during the treatment period.

Dental Tourism is growing and becoming an increasing global trend.

The reason for this growth is that as the world has become increasingly independent and technological advances are more and more evident, they have allowed different countries that were not a leading figures in dental care but which offer the same (or higher) quality compared to the major players in Oral Health. Nowadays, having Dental Implants is becoming easier, and there are a number of countries following this evolutionary trend. Portugal, for example, is a destination that is already establishing itself in this sector of Tourism. More and more people are turning to Portugal to carry out the rehabilitation of their Smile, due to the high quality of its professionals.

Why travel to undergo Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation?

Dental tourists travel for a number of reasons but their choices are usually driven by price considerations. As already mentioned, the wide variations in the price difference with regard to the type of dental treatment that is intended greatly influences the choice of the dental tourist, allied with the search for an excellent service to take care of their smile.

As an example, the economies of border countries, where there is a greater traffic of this type of tourist, are a case in point. Proximity and cultural similarity lead to these being the first factors to take into account when deciding to make this type of trip. On the other hand, there are other factors that can influence the decision to travel, such as financing of public health care and general access to health care.

In fact, this type of tourism has proved to be of value to the patient and to the host country. When combined with festivities or coinciding with work holidays, it unites the practical and the enjoyable.

Dental Tourism is thus an opportunity for patients to undergo quality and affordable dental care while they explore the country of destination.

As mentioned above, Portugal presents solutions for Dental Tourism of excellence.

Swiss Dental Trips’ Dental Tourism aims to make Portugal the ideal destination for all those who wish to have Dental Implants and take care of their Oral Health while enjoying leisure time. It is also seen as an economic solution combining price and quality.

What are you waiting for? Have your Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation while holidaying in Portugal. Visit us!

By Swiss Dental Trips