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Why choose Swiss Dental Services?

Welcome! Learn about the benefits of coming back to a Smile with Swiss Dental Services. Choose the ideal solution for the placement of Dental Implants.

Quality Dental Treatments

We use innovative techniques and, rather than rehabilitating smiles, we add human value to our dental treatments.


Highly Qualified Team

A clinical staff of excellence that works daily to recover Smiles through the placement of Individual Implants.


Modern Installations

We have facilities equipped with all the necessary materials to recover your Oral Health and that offer all the security for a complete recovery.


Reference in the Implantology Area

We already have more than 30,000 cases of success. We are a reference brand in Portugal through the placement of Dental Implants.

Get to know the Dental Tourism service that can change your Oral Health!

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Do you suffer from dental problems?

Do you need to replace any of your teeth?
Want to chew again without problems?
Smile without fear or shame?
Have you ever thought about placing dental implants?
Do you feel that you need a Complete Rehabilitation of your Oral Health?

Resolved Cases
Resolved Cases
Patients per year
Patients per year

This is our solution for your Oral Health!

The new concept for the rehabilitation of Oral Health has a name - ATOR®: Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation.


 You can eat, talk and smile with all normality.



No one will be able to distinguish you placed Dental Implants.



With daily care, Dental Implants last for many years!



Dental Implants protect teeth and bone structure.



The ATOR concept: Completed Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation is the solution for everybody who wonders how solve about Oral Health problems. Through the placement of Dental Implants we change lives and rehabilitate Smiles.

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But we have other types of Dental Treatments!

You can also choose another type of Dental Treatment that best suits your needs. Dental innovated treatments, performed by professionals of reference in the Dentistry area.

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What do you say, are you ready to start the recovery of your oral health?

Here are the steps to follow for your Complete Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation through the placement of Dental Implants:
1ºStep Getting to know Swiss Dental Trips


Getting to know Swiss Dental Trips

Dental Solutions for Your Oral Health Problems!

Learn how we operate and have a look at our history in the area of Dental Implantology. Commence your journey to Complete Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation and solve your dental problems.
2ºStep Tailored Dental Solutions


Tailored Dental Solutions

Dental Treatments tailored to you!

Come in and get in touch with us! We will analyse your case and propose the best Dental Solution together with tourist specials. Find the ideal solution for your dental needs.
3ºStep Dental Analyse by our medical team


Dental Analyse by our medical team

Your case will be reviewed by dental experts!

An expert clinical staff will work on your case and will have a personalised follow-up throughout the treatment. Rehabilitating your smile and presenting a solution to suit you is our purpose.
4ºStep Return home with a new Smile


Return home with a new Smile

Rehabilitation of your Oral Health is the priority!

Whether through the placement of Dental Implants or other dental treatment, return home without worries or shame of smiling. We also want you to combine Oral Rehabilitation and Leisure.

You wonder, why choose Portugal to recover your Oral Health?

In addition to your Complete Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation, enjoy the marvellous country! From culture to sport, Portugal is the destination of choice for dental tourism.
Discover Portugal

Get to know real witnesses of Dental Tourism

These are real witnesses from patients who performed their Complete Advanced Total Oral Rehabilitation through the placement of Dental Implants with our team!

Are you curious to know more about Swiss Dental Trips?

Contact us and learn how you can enjoy a vacation while taking care of your Oral Health


History of Implantology

Did you know that the first Oral Health professionals were barbers?

This and more facts make the history of Dental Implantology. Get to know them!


Do you know that

Where are the clinics in Portugal that offer the Swiss Dental Trips service?

Currently the clinics are in Porto and Lisbon.

What is the language spoken by the dentists?


Our team speaks a variety of languages, such as, English, German, and French, among others.

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